Shipping & Delivery

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Canada, intact packed. We select a shipping carrier based on numerous characteristics such as weight, size and location of the delivery. Generally, standard stock items that are ordered before 2:00 pm are processed and shipped same day for delivery within 24 hours. Non stock items can require between 3-15 days delivery based on the quantity and availability. Shipping specifications are received with the order confirmation.

Shipping costs: Depend on the weight of the items being shipped and their destination. Shipping fees are waived for regular orders within Quebec of over 600$*.

*Except if otherwise specified.

Tracking: If you would like to track your order simply call our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you in tracking and following your order.

Damage: Protection Allways Inc. will immediately replace goods damaged during the shipping process at no charge. The customer must contact us at or 514-276-7657. If the customer is not there to receive a package, the shipper will make 2 attempts or if the area is safe, you can leave a note on your door with your tracking number and signature asking them to leave it at your door. After 2 attempts the package will be returned to us and the customer will be refunded the cost of the item, minus the cost of shipping. These same conditions will apply if a customer refuses a package.

US Customers: Protection Allways Inc. cannot guarantee delivery date if shipment needs customs clearance (US customers). However, any such delay should not be more than two business day. Please note that Protection Allways Inc. pays all customs duties for orders shipped to the USA.